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Is Your Beard Putting You at Risk of COVID-19?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Beards can raise your chances of contracting COVID-19. It's more difficult to get a proper seal between the mask and you if you have a thick beard. The more hair you have around your mouth, the more difficult it will be for the mask to stay in place.

With the global pandemic still raging on, social distancing and mask mandates are still in effect when out in the public. But what about those of us who have a beard? Having to wear a face covering can be difficult while maintaining a healthy, full beard. It has also led men to ask themselves an important question: Should I shave my beard? Here are some facts to help you determine just how safe you are with a beard against Covid-19 and whether it is time to trim it back.

The Basics of the Beard

The act of growing a beard is something that is done with just about as much thought as breathing. It is a natural process and a personal style choice but, with the necessity for face coverings, people with longer beards are finding it almost impossible to safely wear a mask. The struggle to keep yourself protected from the pandemic and maintain a style you desire is a problem that has begun a debate. When does the want for style become too much of a hazard for yourself and those around you?

The truth is masks must fit snugly across the nose and mouth areas to work properly. They must also close near the chin or neck area in order to contain what is happening inside from getting out as well as the outside from getting in. With a beard, unless properly kept trim and close to the face, men will find it difficult to keep those areas covered as they should be. The open exposure can increase the chances of the virus getting into your system and then contracting the disease. Now, it is true that masks do not completely prevent infection, but they can help limit the spread of it by nearly 50%.

Possible Solutions

So what is the answer for men's beard length and Covid-19? The truth is there is no easy answer. The liberty to have the style you want is not trumped but the need for a mask, but the necessity of facial coverings can limit the services that are offered to people who refuse to wear them. One possible answer for this issue with men's beard and Covid-19 is the addition of a face shield. It can only increase protection and answer the question of whether shaving your beard off is necessary in your case.

There are also beard oil benefits that can help with this issue. Facial hair can catch and contain bacteria that could keep a person wearing a face covering susceptible to Covid-19. Keeping it clean and clear of any foreign elements is the first, most important step. Closely behind that is making sure it is properly oiled so to keep it from becoming brittle and a magnet for diseases. Beard oil benefits not only the person using them but anyone who may wish to get close to them from becoming susceptible to Covid-19.

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