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10 Products That'll Help You Reach Your Skin Care Goals in 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

With 2020 behind us, we will look ahead with new eyes. A new year, a new set of skincare objectives? In 2021, these skincare items will assist you in achieving your skin health goals.

10 Products That'll Help You Reach Your Skin Care Goals in 2021

It's not uncommon for people in their teenage years to hear about how their pimples and hormonal skin issues will level out as adulthood arrives. Unfortunately, that sentiment (though well-meaning) couldn't be further from the truth. Acne is a skin problem that impacts over 50 million Americans each year. Whether you're suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation or the pervasive signs of aging, it's a great idea to set some intentions or healthy goals for skin care this year. With all of the products and advice within the beauty industry, there are countless ways to achieve your skin care goals in 2021. To get started, collect the following 10 products.

1. Cleansing Oil/Balm

As Korean skincare rituals make their way into the rest of the world, more people are adopting the double-cleanse method. The first portion of the double-cleansing method involves eliminating makeup and sebum with the use of a cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Even though makeup wipes tend to be a go-to solution for many people, they actually stretch and cause wear to the skin. The skin on your face is incredibly delicate and fragile. Treat it accordingly with the use of a balm or oil. By gently massaging a cleansing oil or balm into the skin, it'll loosen up any lingering makeup or sebum from the day.

2. Facial Cleanser

Once you've used a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm to loosen the dirt, you can follow up with the right facial soap in order to thoroughly cleanse the skin. While you can opt to use any soap you'd like, it's a better idea to look at the ingredient list first. Look for soaps like the Old Black Magic Face Soap as it contains ingredients like charcoal. Charcoal is excellent if you're looking to completely draw out any impurities as you detoxify the skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, a foaming solution might work wonders in cleansing your skin without stripping it of good, natural oils.

3. Face Masks

The various types of facial masks run the gamut. There are plenty of options you can enjoy that cater to your skin type. You can even make face masks at home by using ingredients in your kitchen. Ingredients like green tea, bananas and tomatoes can work in various homemade options. If you'd prefer to purchase a more convenient option, clay masks are excellent for pulling excess oil from the pores. Sheet masks are infused with botanicals, essences and essential oils. Before you apply a mask, do a quick steam treatment to help the skin cells absorb the ingredients of your mask. Use a face mask up to three times a week for the best results.

4. Toner

Some will argue that toners have no place in a skincare regimen. However, there are many more who will argue the opposite. It all depends on what your skin care goals in 2021 are. There are plenty of toners that contain alpha-hydroxy acids that will help to even the skin tone and eliminate issues like hyperpigmentation. If you're looking for something to tighten and refresh the skin, witch hazel can be an excellent toner.

5. Acid-Based Serum

For many, anti aging skin care rituals are high on the list of priorities when they're setting their New Year's resolution for healthy skin. This is why acid-based serums are essential. Acids like glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-hydroxy acid are critical in their abilities to smooth fine lines, diminish wrinkles and work on age spots. When you're looking for good serums, know that you'll want (and need) to invest in your anti-aging regimen. By using high-quality ingredients, your skin will thank you.

6. Retinols

When you focus on looking younger with an anti aging skin care regimen, you'll want to include retinols into your daily routine. As you age, your skin naturally loses collagen. Collagen is essential in providing that luster and plumpness that's associated with a youthful glow. By using a retinol-based serum or cream, you'll add collagen back into your skin's surface to recover what you've lost.

7. Moisturizers

In addition to drinking lots of water and sleeping with a humidifier, infuse moisture into your skin through a great moisturizer. The moisturizer you need will be based on your particular skin type. If you have oily skin, don't assume that you can skip a moisturizer. When you skip this step, your skin produces even more oil to try and overcompensate for what it needs.

8. Exfoliants

Exfoliants are some of the most important skin care products because they have the power to slough off dead skin, stimulate reproduction of new skin cells and increase your cell turnover rate. Try to use acids and powders when you're exfoliating. You can even try to use a dermaplaner to exfoliate, get rid of excess hair and improve the skin's texture. Just avoid sugar scrubs and salt scrubs as they can irritate sensitive facial skin. Those types of scrubs are much more useful on the rest of the body.

9. Facial Oils

Facial oils, such as rosehip seed oil, are known for their abilities to seal in moisture, restore the skin's elasticity and promote a youthful glow. A little bit of facial oil goes a long way. After completing the rest of your skincare routine, add two to three drops of a cold-pressed oil to your hands. Rub your hands together to warm the oil. Then, gently press the oil into your skin until it's fully absorbed.

10. SPF

Even on the cloudiest day, the sun's UV rays can cause damage. If you don't use an SPF of at least 35+, the rest of these products are in vain. It's even wise to reapply a bit of SPF in the afternoon as it can easily dissipate. There are great SPF sprays you can reapply over makeup as well.

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